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January 12 2018



Pot of Greed? No…

Pot of Love…

December 20 2017

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And love is all that I can give to you (x)

December 13 2017

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Going into 2018 remembering that somewhere in Russia, there’s a 13 year old girl who can land 4T-3T-3Lo. 


Solangelo AU in which Nico is that popular young author who struggles so hard for inspiration. Like, he won’t write shit for a week but then he’ll find the urge to write and he 72 hour straight binge writes holed up in his room with the coffee machine. But his roommate Jason insists that he get out more because “ That’s just not healthy Nico” so he starts going to the local coffee shop where he meets that cute barista Will and the dude is so funny and cute and stubborn and he make Nico’s macchiato perfect. The funny part is that Nico writes effortlessly around Will and jokingly begins to refer to him as “My Muse.” So when his next book gets published, that’s exactly who he dedicates it to, His Muse. Tumblr goes nuts with fan theories and speculations. But when Will shows up at his signing and asks if he can spare an autograph for His Muse, Nico can’t resist kissing that adorable blush away.

#TheAngelsMuse trends for days.

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Important information to know. 

Yes to all of this. I would know

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Just imagine a world full of beautiful stained glass windows which also generate electricity…

[Oxford Photovoltaics]

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Good Morning, Sweet Maid who bears the name of birds. Did you have sweet dreams?

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♥Viktor loves showing Yuuri all the things he loves about his own country♥

Thanks Kubo-chan for the new beautiful art ♥♥
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Since the Grand Final will happen in Russia, I hope they’ll have some free time for a date- I MEAN, leisurely outing around town XDD. Maybe Viktor can show the small town Japanese boy around.

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Life never was easy for Mr. Katsuki

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** Permission to post from their pages was granted by the artist
Don’t remove credits & don’t repost/edit the art
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Artist :   うり (pixiv / twitter / weibo)


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love this moment,love agape,love Plisetsky

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